Infrastruct was requested by a materials manufacturer in January 2020 to carry out in-situ testing on a floating screed floor.

The methodology to assess the In-situ Crushing Resistance (ISCR) of bonded, unbonded and floating screeds is provided in BS 8204-1:2003 ‘Screeds, Bases and In Situ Floorings – Part 1: Concrete Bases and Cementitious Levelling Screeds to receive Floorings’.

Infrastruct used the BRE Screed Tester for the in-situ testing on this screed. The equipment used a 2kg weight (floating screed, Category C only) dropped 1m down a vertical rod onto a foot piece to impact the screed surface over a 500mm2 area. The surface indentation caused by the four consecutive blows onto the screed in the same area was measured and recorded using a simple portable dial gauge device.

This test is very useful for identifying zones of poor compaction beneath an apparently good surface.

Photographs 1 and 2 below show the BRE Screed Tester using the 2kg weight on the Category C floating screed and the portable dial gauge device, zeroed on the test area before the testing and replaced on the test area after the testing to measure the indentation depth.

The results of the testing was recorded on-site by our Engineer and a comprehensive report, with interpretation of the results, was prepared for our Client.

For more information on screed testing, please contact Dr Thomas Callanan in Infrastruct Asset Management Services Limited.