In August, Ethan Mannion and Dr Shahnur Alam Sourav joined Infrastruct to work on structural testing and investigation projects in Ireland and the UK.

Ethan is a Mechanical Engineer with experience in both the manufacturing and construction industries.

Infrastruct Welcomes New Engineering Staff to the Company
Shahnur recently completed his PhD in UCD and joins Infrastruct to further enhance our testing and investigation services.

Infrastruct Welcomes New Engineering Staff to the Company
Since joining Infrastruct, Ethan and Shahnur have been involved in structural investigations in multi-storey buildings, moisture monitoring in both new and existing buildings, non-destructive testing to determine floor slab depth and integrity in open tanks and a Special Inspection of a 72 year old concrete bridge.

These projects involved many types of tests including:

  1. Covermeter and GPR scanning of different types of structural elements
  2. Half-Cell Potential and Resistivity mapping on structural elements
  3. Relative humidity mapping in floor slabs
  4. Pulse Echo mapping of a bridge deck to determine the in-situ depth of the deck
  5. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) testing on structural elements (SonReb Analysis)
  6. Rebound Hammer testing on structural elements
  7. Sampling and testing for carbonation depth and chloride ion concentration of concrete
  8. BRE Screed testing on repairs floors
  9. Anchor testing
  10. Defects mapping

Infrastruct Welcomes New Engineering Staff to the Company
All testing and investigation works completed by Infrastruct is supervised by a Chartered Engineer and we prepare a detailed interpretative report with AutoCAD drawings (as required) for our Clients.