In late 2019, Infrastruct was instructed by the Contractor building a large Slatted Unit in the Midlands to carry out a covermeter survey to confirm the presence of embedded reinforcement in each concrete slat and slab forming the Slatted Unit.

Infrastruct used a combination of the following equipment to confirm the presence of reinforcement in each slat and slab in the Slatted Unit:

1. Proceq PM-650 Covermeter with the extension handle for line scanning on the concrete surface
2. Hilti PS-1000 X-Scan GPR system to locate reinforcement deep within certain slabs.

Photographs 1 and 2 below the Proceq PM650 and Hilti PS-1000 being used to scan the top surface of the concrete elements to locate and confirm the presence of embedded reinforcement.

The results of the testing was recorded on-site by our Engineer and a comprehensive report, with interpretation, was prepared for our Client.

For more information on testing concrete elements and structures for agricultural use, please contact Dr Thomas Callanan in Infrastruct Asset Management Services Limited.