Infrastruct Asset Management Services provides Clients in the Potable Water Industry with rapid, reliable and structure-focused cleaning, inspection and chlorination services. 

Our highly qualified staff use modern and up-to-date specialist equipment for all operations, including using high pressure water jetting equipment and the latest  safety and rescue gear.

The EPA’s Advice Note 10 (2011) ‘Service Reservoir Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance’, recommends a regular programme of reservoir inspection, cleaning and maintenance to reduce the potential for microbiological, chemical or physical problems in drink water reservoirs.

Infrastruct AMS carries out all works in reservoirs in accordance with EPA Advice Note 10.

Advice Note 10 specifies key steps to be taken when executing a programme of reservoir inspection, cleaning and maintenance including:

EPA Requirement


Infrastruct AMS Services

External and internal inspections of the service reservoirssuccessWe use qualified engineers to inspect service reservoirs
Cleaning service reservoirs effectively using trained operatorssuccess

We use trained operators

  • National Water Hygiene certified
  • Confined Spaces trained
  • MEWP certified
  • Working at Heights certified
  • SafePass certified
Disinfection of ReservoirssuccessWe use trained operators and modern jetting equipment
Safe disposal of sediment and wash watersuccessWe use approved contractors
Regular maintenance of service reservoirssuccess

We use qualified engineers to interpret all inspection and test information and for specification of approved products.

We have trained operators for application of DWI repair products