The range of equipment readily available for hire or sale is listed below, but should you have any specialist requirements don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

Equipment for supply:

Supply Brochures

Service Reservoir Ventilated Access Hatches

Infrastruct Asset Management Services Ltd. provides a range of bespoke access hatches designed to minimise the risk of contaminants entering the reservoir in non-trafficked areas.

Equipment for sale or hire includes:

Technical Brochures

Profometer 5+

Determination of the depth and location of embedded reinforcement in concrete.

Silver Schmidt

Concrete quality assessment and estimation of the in-situ cube strength

Canin (Half-Cell Potential) Meter

Reinforced concrete will invariably be subjected to a corrosion process that ultimately leads to a failure of the structure.  Accurate field potential measurements aid in detecting corrosion in reinforcement. Corrosion of steel in concrete is an electrochemical process. A potential field can be measured on the concrete surface by the use of an electrode, known as a half-cell and a high-impedance voltmeter.

The Canin+ Corrosion Analysing Instrument highlights corrosion activity before rust becomes visible. Early detection is a key factor in preventing an unanticipated structural failure.


Resipod is a fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe, designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete in a completely non-destructive test. It is the most accurate instrument available, extremely fast and stable and packaged in a robust, waterproof housing designed to operate in a demanding site environment.

Pundit+ (Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Meter)

Concrete quality assessment using either the direct, semi direct or indirect methods

Metal Hardness Tester – Equotip 3

Measurement of the in-situ hardness of the metal element and estimation of the tensile strength.

For a full range of equipment and supplies please contact Dr. Thomas Callanan or Dr. Qaisar Shawqi at any time.