Load Testing

There are many reasons for load testing of structures and at Infrastruct, our team has extensive experience and knowledge of carrying out load testing and monitoring the performance under specified loading.

Load tests check the behaviour of structural elements under known load, establish a proven load capacity and provides Clients, Engineers and Designers with a high degree of assurance for the future use of the structure.

The team in Infrastruct can undertake in-situ, full-scale load testing of floor slabs, floor beams, columns and stairs, including cantilevered stone stairs to check the behaviour of these elements under a specified load, confirm the real load carrying capacity of the element and provide actual data for the assessment of future uses.

Our Load Testing Capability Includes:

All load tests are monitored using calibrated, digital deflection gauges connected to a laptop using a Bluetooth connection.

Our Load Testing Services Includes:

  • Stairs Load Testing
  • Cantilevered Stone Stairs Load Testing
  • Floor Slab Testing
  • Lift Shaft Beam Testing
  • Beam Load Tests
  • Balcony Load Testing
  • Barrier Load Testing
  • Balustrade Load Testing
  • Sporting Ground Crowd Barrier Testing
  • Marine Planks Load Testing
  • Fencing (post and panel) Testing
  • Precast Concrete Element Testing
  • Anchor Testing

Test results and related information are provided in a detailed report with interpretation and AutoCAD drawings.

For more information on load testing or any construction-related testing, please contact us.

Load Testing