Structural Testing

The requirement to manage and maintain structures to a high level of structural safety, durability and performance is of fundamental importance to the owners and operators of the structures. There are many types of structures in-service and classifying the maintenance demands of structures is challenging and often requires a Special Inspection incorporating structural testing and investigations.

Infrastruct provides our Clients with a wide range of specialist testing services focused on giving accurate and structure-specific condition information on their structure(s) for follow-on structural assessments, targeted repairs or rehabilitation designs.

Infrastruct provides a rapid, reliable and structure focused testing and investigation service using modern testing equipment and techniques. All our services are carried out to the latest European and British Standards where possible and the test results and related information are provided in a detailed report with interpretation and AutoCAD drawings.

We carry out testing and investigations on all type of structures including:

Our Structural Testing Services Include:

1) Structural Inspections & Engineering Surveys:

  • Building and structural inspections with defect mapping services
  • Building and structural condition assessments
  • Preparation of structural details and engineering drawings (ACAD & MicroStation)
  • Structural Condition Reports
  • Defect Mapping and Monitoring Reports

2) Concrete Testing (NDT & Intrusive Services)

  • Compressive strength assessment for concrete
  • Corrosion assessment of embedded reinforcement
  • Reinforcement cover and layout surveys
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) surveys
  • Permeability of concrete
  • Pull-Off testing (strength, repair or waterproofing)
  • Assessment of deterioration mechanisms
  • Chemical and laboratory investigations
  • Diamond coring (various core sizes)
  • Impact Echo, Pulse Echo and Impulse Response Testing
  • Alkali–Silica Reaction (ASR) Investigations

3) Structural Monitoring & Load Testing Services

  • Monitoring the in-situ performance of structural elements
  • Load testing of structural elements (proof load tests)
  • Load testing of cantilevered stone stairs (existing and new stairs)
  • Load testing of precast concrete elements

4) Steel Testing (NDT & Intrusive Services)

  • In-situ estimation of tensile strength
  • Yield strength determination
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • Portable hardness testing
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

5) Paint Testing (NDT & Intrusive Services)

  • Visual inspection
  • In-situ thickness measurements
  • Adhesion testing

6) Materials Assessment

  • Material quality assessments
  • Defect investigations
  • Laboratory Services

7) Anchor Testing and Proof Loading

  • Anchor testing for all applications (tensile loading)
  • Scaffold Tie testing
  • Precast concrete lifting elements
  • Precast concrete slab lifting elements

8) Reservoir & Tanks

  • Leak monitoring and assessment (with testing services)
  • Cleaning and Chlorination services to EPA Advice Note 10
  • Reservoir Inspection – confined space entry and technical report
  • Waterproofing and coating assessment
  • Repair and Restoration work conformity assessment

Structural Testing